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INFER Debate on Challenges of the EU economies after Brexit, March 29, 2018, Bucharest (Romania)

The debate was hosted by the Faculty of Finance and Banking within the Bucharest University of Economic Studies during the International Conference on Finance and Banking (FIBA) that took place on March 29-30, 2018 in Bucharest (Romania). The invited speakers were: Camelia Turcu (University of Orleans), chair of INFER, Cristina Badarau (University of Bordeaux), and Pedro Cerqueira (University of Coimbra), both INFER Board members. The debate was hosted by Andreea Stoian (Department of Finance and CEFIMO, Bucharest University of Economic Studies). During the debate were discussed topics related to the effects of Brexit on education, international trade, finacial markets etc.. You can watch a fragment of the debate in the video or you can watch some photos of this event: photo1, photo2, photo3

Round table on European Union Integration, June 20th, 2014, Lisbon (Portugal)

INFER is continuing its recently launched Debate Series with a new round table which took place at ISEG – UL, Lisbon (Portugal), on June 20th, during the INFER Workshop “European Economic Integration: Present and Future Challenges”. The topic under discussion was “European Union integration and its disequilibria: The best way to cope with facts”. The invited speakers were João de Sousa Andrade (University of Coimbra), Gabriel Felbermayr (CESIFO), Stuart Holland (University of Coimbra), Elias Soukiazis (University of Coimbra) and Jan Van Hove (University of Leuven). The discussion was moderated by Camelia Turcu (University of Orléans). During the debate many issues were discussed, including the banking union project, the reinforcement of fiscal and monetary reforms, the growth and trade perspectives in Europe as well as the policies to be implemented in the EU in response to the crisis.

Round table on Economic Crisis, February 7th, 2014, Leuven (Belgium)

INFER recently launched the INFER Debate Series. The first round table debate was hosted by The Leuven Centre for Irish Studies on February 7th, 2014 in Leuven (Belgium). The topic under discussion wasthe economic crisis.The invited speakers were Elias Soukiazis (Portugal), Edward Shinnick (Ireland), Alberto Bagnai (Italy), Andreea Stoian (Romania), Camelia Turcu (France) and Cordelius Ilgmann (Germany). The discussion was moderated by Professor Jan Van Hove (Belgium). During the debate many issues were discussed, including the causes of the economic crisis, the development and the spread of the crisis across Europe, and the reforms recommended for the post crisis era. The speakers also shared the experience of their own countries in dealing with the crisis, and the effects of the consolidation action undertaken by governments in their home countries. Further INFER debates will be organised in the near future. It is envisaged that the Debate Series will act as a platform to assist INFER members to disseminate their research to a wider audience across Europe.

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