Aspects in Varieties of Capitalism: Dynamics, Economic Crisis, New Players

The Varieties of Capitalisms (VOC) approach focuses on institutional complementarities. These complementarities explain how and why different types of capitalist systems are able to co-exist and complement each other. This volume provides some new perspectives on the VOC approach by including countries and actors which so far have not been in the focus of attention. Different methodologies are used to analyze topics which have generally been neglected previously. The book includes - inter alia - contributions on Indian multinationals, the labour market in Spain, regional labour markets in Slovakia, a historical analysis of institutional development in New Zealand and the Netherlands, as well as on educational systems. As the contributions are made by economists, political scientists, historians and sociologists, they are meant for an interdisciplinary audience. Hence, readers from these disciplines with an interest in policy analysis will find the book most useful.


INFER Series in Applied Economics

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Author: H. Egbert and C. Esser
Volume: INFER Series in Applied Economics Volume 3
Publisher: Lambert Academic Publisher
Year: 2010
No. of pages: 236
Category: Books

Price: € 69,00 Members price: € 69,00

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