Challenges for Economic Policy Design - Lessons from the Financial Crisis

The papers in this volume are delibrately chosen from different areas of economics in order to give an as broad overview of current areas of research as possible. They all have in common that in one way or another they question the current dominant neo- classical theory. The papers are arranged in five sections, with the first group looking into macroeconomic policies, the second group analyses economic growth, the third group looks into banking and moral hazard, the fourth group considers the welfare state and immigration and finally the last group is centred on heterodox economics.

INFER Series in Applied Economics

The volumes in this series are usually edited volumes containing papers from different fields in economics. All volumes have in common that they target research in applied economics or economics with practical applications. The volumes in this series are usually the outcomes of workshops or conferences of INFER. However, we also accept monographs, if they fit into this series.

INFER and LAP emphasise the need for quick publication so that research does become outdated. For that, LAP provides an online platform that guarantees a very fast turn around.

The publishing house LAP publishes academic research worldwide. For more information on LAP please visit their webpage

If you are interested in purchasing volumes of this series please visit the index webpage of LAP. From there you will be directed to an online seller of your choice.

Author: Richter, C. Caleiro, A. Vieira, C. Vieira, I.
Volume: 1
Publisher: Lambert Academic Publisher
Year: 2009
No. of pages: 458
Category: Books

Price: € 79,00 Members price: € 79,00

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